1.   “The Shack” Movie  |March 3 - 23, with possible extension  |Sudbury

 THE SHACK movie.  Opened in Imagine Cinema Downtown Movie Lounge, Sudbury,  March 3!


Tickets will be available at Imagine Cinema, Sudbury


The current run is shown till March 23; The number of days “The Shack” will be at Silver City depends on sales



2.    Nord500North Conference  |September 21 & 22  |Sudbury 


To:  Church Leaders and Members and the Public in Greater Sudbury


To commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, a two-day gathering will take place in Sudbury this Fall, bringing together the body of Christ in Northern Ontario for a time of worship, discussion and learning.

Here are opportunities to learn more about the Reformation Movement:


 Lenten Ecumenical Study Sessions for the Reformation

 Hi all

The intent of the study sessions is to gather members of our Christian community together to learn about and prepare for the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation. I'm hoping these sessions will provide an opportunity for our communities to celebrate the ongoing ecumenism that is beyond the official dialogues and that we have begun to witness in our preparation for the Commemoration in September. I'll be facilitating sessions at  Location #1 and Tony Chezzi and Cori Brunati will be facilitating Location #2. Both locations will meet  at St. Patrick's for the concluding third session. I hope to see you all there.

Chris Duncanson-Hales


The year 2017 marks two important events in the life of the Church: The 500th anniversary of the Reformation, and the 50th anniversary of the Lutheran-Roman Catholic Dialogue. Today, many of our churches are at the point where we can commemorate this event as a significant piece of our shared history.

The dialogue of the past 50 years has resulted in studies and documents at official levels and more importantly also been instrumental in seeing increased co-operation and friendship at local levels between Christian communities throughout the world. We’re praying together, working together, marrying one another and growing together as sisters and brothers.

In the fall of 2017, our region will mark this Anniversary with a two-day conference, Rebels with a Cause? To prepare for this event, the ecumenical organizing committee for the commemoration Nord500North, in partnership with  St. Patrick and Holy Redeemer  Roman Catholic Churches, and Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, cordially invites you our ecumenical neighbours to take part in a three-part Ecumenical Study Session.

All sessions are from 7pm to 9pm and will be offered concurrently at

the following locations.

March 7, 2017: Session 1: Commemorating the Reformation
Location 1: Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, 189 Regent  St. Sudbury ON
Location 2: Holy Redeemer Roman Catholic Church, 1887 Bancroft Drive Sudbury, ON

March 14, 2017: Session 2: From Conflict to Communion
Location 1: St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church, 39 Walford Rd, Sudbury ON
Location 2: Holy Redeemer Roman Catholic Church, 1887 Bancroft Drive Sudbury, ON

March 21, 2017: Session 3: From Communion to Commitment
Location 1 & 2: St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church, 39 Walford Rd, Sudbury ON

Each Study Session stands alone with videography and small group interaction.   All are welcome!

Dr. Christopher J. Duncanson-Hales, Phd
Departments of Philosophy and Religious Studies, University of Sudbury at Laurentian University          Sudbury, ON


“I am the vine, you are the branches.  If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.”   John 15:5




“Where there is hatred, let me sow love”


A Statement from Christian leaders in Sudbury;  February 2nd , 2017


Following the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, we, the Christian leaders from Sudbury, condemn the recent attack on our Muslim brothers in the Centre Culturel Islamique  in Quebec City as they knelt in prayer. We reaffirm our commitment to strive for justice and peace and to respect the dignity of every human being. We re-commit to standing in solidarity with our Muslim neighbours.


O Lord, open my eyes

that I may see the need of others,

open my ears that I may hear their cries,

open my heart so that they need not be without comfort.

Let me not be afraid to defend the weak

because of the anger of the strong,

nor afraid to defend the poor

because of the anger of the rich.

Show me where love and hope and faith are needed,

and use me to bring them to these places.

Open my eyes and ears that I may, this coming day,

be able to do some work of peace for you. Amen.

(Alan Paton)


Bishop Marcel Damphousse and the Roman Catholic parishes of Sudbury

Bishop- elect Anne Germond and the Church of the Ascension and Anglican parishes of Sudbury.

The Rev. Stewart Walker – St. Stephen’s on the Hill United Church

The Rev. Catherine Somerville – St. Andrews United Church

The Rev. Glenda Morrissette – Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church

The Rev. Charles Nolting  - Lutheran Parish of St. Matthew & St. Timothy

The Rt. Rev. Thomas Corston – the Anglican Church of the Epiphany

The Rev. Todd Manuel - Glad Tidings Church (Sudbury) Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada

The Rev. Dr. Spencer Boersma and First Baptist Church, Garson.

The Rev. Dr. Jeremy Mahood – All Nation’s Church Sudbury. 

The Rev. Jason Tripp, Valleyview Community Church (Free Methodist Church in Canada)

The Rev. Doug Prebble – St. Alban the Martyr Anglican Church Capreol

The Rev. Glen Miller – St. John the Divine Anglican Church Copper Cliff and Christ Anglican Church, Lively.

The Rev. Dr. Robert Derrenbacker – President and Provost of Thorneloe University.

Southern Ministerial.

Garson Inter-Church.

North Eastern Ministerial

Sudbury Christian Messenger

 March 2017  Edition    


For full event details, please go to SC Messenger in the tab above.  There you will also find the full newsletter.



 1.     The Mater Dei Latin Mass Community  | March 18, 19 and other days  |Sudbury

 2.     Ignatian Spiritual Exercises in Everyday Life  |March and every second Monday  |Sudbury

 3.     "The Shack" Movie  |March 3 - 23 …with possibility of extended screening  |Sudbury

4.     Perogie and Cabbage Rolls Sale  |March 18  and every Saturday  |Sudbury

5.     Impact  |March 19  and Sundays  |Sudbury & Kfm 95.5

6.     SUMMIT  |March 20 and Mondays  |Sudbury Southend

7.     Al-Anon Family Group Meetings  |March 20 and Mondays  |New Sudbury

8.     Adult Children of Alcoholics  |March 20 and every Monday  |Minnow Lake

9.     International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination Luncheon  |March 21  |Sudbury

10.  Together in Christ – Final Study Session on the Reformation Movement  |March 21  |Sudbury

11.  Ecumenical Taize Evening of Prayer  |March 21  |  Minnow Lake

12.  SLYNGSHOT:  An Interactive Church | March 21 and every Tuesday  |Sudbury

13.  Easy Tai Chi Classes  |March 22 and Wednesdays  |Sudbury

14.  Housing First 101 Meeting  |March 22  |Sudbury

15.  Meditation Classes  |March 22 and Wednesdays  |Sudbury

16.  World Water Day Public Forum  |March 22  |Sudbury

17.  Wanup Chapel Bible Study  |March 23  |Wanup

18.  Christ the King Prayer Group  |  March 23 and Thursdays  | Sudbury

19.  Thirsty Thursdays:  FGB Bible Study  |March 23 and Thursdays  |Sudbury

20.  Ministry Leadership Day  |March 23  |Cambridge, Ontario

21.  Fundraiser for Northern Hope  |March 23  |Sudbury

22.  Paint Social April 1  |March 24 deadline for ticket sales  |Sudbury

23.  Silent Vigil for Peace  |March 24 and each Friday  |Sudbury

24.  “Apparition Hill” Movie – one time screening in Sudbury  |March 25  |Sudbury

25.  Dinner and a Movie for Missions  |March 25  |Sudbury

26.  Return Ministries  |March 25 & 26  |Sudbury

27.  Deadline for Conservative Party of Canada Membership re: Leadership Vote  |March 28  |Canada

28.  Mental Health First Aid Training in Sudbury  |March 28-29  |Sudbury

29.  Sudbury Central Southend Ministerial  |March 28   |Sudbury

30.  Sudbury Right to Life/Pro-Vie Board Meeting  |March 29  |Sudbury

31.  Wanup Community Meeting  |March 29  |Wanup

32.  Accessibility Grant Application Deadline  |March 31  |Greater Sudbury

33.  Paint Social at Knox Church  |April 1  |Sudbury

34.  Wanup Chapel Service  ||April 2 and first Sunday of the month  |Wanup

35.  Nord500North Conference Planning Meeting #7  |April  |Sudbury

36.  Toonie Tunes Fundraiser  |April 8  |Sudbury

37.  23rd Annual Fish Fry sponsored by the K of C Council 11255— Take-Out available  |April 8  |Coniston

38.  Sudbury Christian Businessmen's luncheon  |April 12  |Sudbury

39.  Next Leadership Debate for the Conservative Party of Canada   |April 26  |Canada

40.  Kfm Christian Radio Spring Sharathon  |April 27  |Greater Sudbury & Mid-Northern Ontario

41.  50+Seniors Expo  |May 6-7  |New Sudbury

42.  Paint Social at St. Stephen’s on the Hill  |May 6  |New Sudbury

43.  Conference:  Bridging the Religious-Secular Divide  |May 8-9  |Ottawa

44.  National March for Life – Buses from Sudbury to Ottawa  |May 11  |Ottawa

45.  The New Evangelization Summit  |May 12 & 13  |New Sudbury

46.  Creation 2017 Super Conference  |August 13-18  |Muskoka

47.  500North:  Commemoration of 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation  |September 21 and 22, 2017 |Sudbury

48.  Rob Parker, National House of Prayer Event  |September 28-30  |Sudbury


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