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ANGLICAN CHURCHES Diocese of Algoma                                                                         
All Saints Anglican Church Rev. Genny Rollins Also Chaplain of Sudbury Jail. Sunday Service: 10 am with Sunday School, Bible Study Wed. 7pm 44 Pine Street, Coniston, POM 1N0 694-4297, (F)694-1850
Christ Anglican Church Rev. Glen Miller Sunday Service: 10:00am. Call for Mid Week Bible Study. 231 6th Ave. Lively P3Y 1M4 705-692-3344,,
Church of St. John the Divine Sunday Service: 10:00am Sunday School. P.O. Box 631,34 Godfrey St., Copper Cliff P0M 1N0 682-2623,,
Church of the Ascension Rev. Anne Germond Sunday Services: 9:00am & 11:00am (10:00am in July & August) 1476 Sparks Street Sudbury, ON, P3A 2E1 705-566-2790, (F)705-566-5215,
Church of the Epiphany Bishop Tom Corston Eucharist Sat. 5pm, Sun. 8:30am, Sun. 10:30am with Sunday School & Nursery, Wed. 10am (wheel chair accessable) 85 Larch St., Sudbury P3E 1B8 675-2279, (F)675-1866,, (blog)
St. Alban's Anglican Church Rev. Doug Prebble Sunday Eucharist Service 11:00 am 36 Dennie, Capreol, ON P0M 1H0 858-2550,,
St. Mark's Anglican Church Sunday Service 9am. 154 Church St., Garson
Larchwood Bible Chapel Hwy. 144, Dowling P0M 1R0 855-3571 Email:
Sudbury Bible Fellowship Meetings Sunday 11:15am 1661 Lansing Ave., Sudbury P3A 5M5 560-3889,,
All Nations Church Pastor Jeremy Mahood, Assoc. Pastor Josh Sklar, Children's Pastor Amanda Robichaud, Worship Pastor John Felsman, Media Pastor Atheson Harper Sunday Services: 10:00am 414 St Raphael St, Sudbury ON P3B 1M4 673-6110,,
Azilda Baptist Chapel Pastor Rene Pomerleau Sunday Service: 11am, Adult Sunday School 10am. 294 Notre Dame St. E., Azilda P0M 1B0 705-983-5271,,
Berean Baptist Church Pastor Brad Powers Family Sunday School 10am, Sunday Services: 11am& 6pm 95 Pine St., P.O. Box 104, Stn. B, Sudbury P3C 4N3 705-674-4910,,
Bethel Baptist Church Pastor Rob Weatherby Sunday Service: 10:30am C/O 46 Elden Ave., Whitefish, P0M 3E0 866-0847, (F)866-0847,,
First Baptist Church Pastor Druve Sookram Sunday Service: 11:00am P.O. Box 253, Bloor St., Capreol, P0M 1H0 705-858-3860,,
First Baptist Church Pastor Spencer Boersma Sunday Service with Sunday School 10am 2603 Falconbridge Rd., Garson, P3L 1K6 Contact Pastor Spencer Boersma at 705-693-3278, or leave message at 705-693-3278, (F)705-693-7330 or email:
Lansing Avenue Baptist Chapel Pastor Jack Flietstra, Assoc. Pastor Mark Smith, Youth Pastor Ynze Flietstra Sundays: Worship Service 10:00am, Cafe Connection 11:15am, Christian Education 11:30am 1192 Lansing Ave., Sudbury P3A 4C3 705-566-8588, Email: , ,
Little Wanup Chapel (Affiliated with All Nations Church) ANC coordinator: Luc Boileau 705-207-0098 Worship, service, pastoral: Michael MacBurnie 705-682-3437 (home) First Sunday of each month - 2.30 pm- refreshments served after service Bible Study: Resuming in the Fall.  Bible Study at lunch 12 noon - twice monthly -lunch served 4273 HWY 537, Sudbury, Ontario, P3E 4N1 (Wanup) Luc Boileau 705-207-0098 or, Michael MacBurnie 705-682-3437 (
St. Mary's Ukrainian Byzantine Catholic Church Rev. Peter Bodnar English Divine Liturgy (Mass), Saturday 4:00 pm Sunday, Sunday 10:30 am, Sunday School 10:30 am, Ukrainian Divine Liturgy, Sunday 9:00 am 40 Notre Dame Ave., P3C 5K2 Sudbury telephone number 675-8244 675-8244 Enquires about the Byzantine Catholic Church: Lillian 523-2226
CATHOLIC Diocese of Sault Ste. Marie
Church of Christ the King Msgr. Brian Dixon and Deacon Roland Muzzatti Mass: Saturday 5:00pm, Sunday 9:30am &11:00am 30 Beech St., Sudbury, ON 674-6447 (F)674-2921,
Croatian Catholic Church 140 Alder St., Sudbury, ON 675-5758
Holy Redeemer Church Fr. Peter J. Moher Mass: Saturday 7pm, Sunday 9am, 11am & 7pm 1887 Bancroft Dr., Sudbury 566-8330, (F)566-7261,;
Notre Dame de la Riviere Wahnapitae Denise Duhaime Mass: Sunday 9:00 am Notre-Dame-de-la-Rivière, 60 Hill Street, PO Box 88 Wahnapitae, ON POM 3C0 694-5019, (F)694-1060,
Our Lady of Hope and St. Anthony's Worship Site Pastor: Fr. Larry Rymes For Our Lady of Hope Mass: Saturday 4:30pm, Sunday 9am 591 Brennan Rd., Sudbury, ON 673-1774, (F)673-4711, For St. Anthony's Worship Site Mass: Sunday 11am 19 Mary St., Sudbury, ON 673-1774, (F)673-4711, 591 Brennan Rd., Sudbury, ON For Our Lady of Hope: 673-1774, (F)673-4711, For St. Anthony's Worship Site: 673-1774, (F)673-4711,
Our Lady of Peace Fr. Michael Williams Mass: Sunday 11:30 am. 26 Dennie St., Capreol 969-3663, (F)969-3262, and the web:
Paroisse De L'Annonciation Mass: Saturday 4:30pm, Sunday 8:30am & 11am 1168 Northway Ave., Sudbury 524-3438, (F)524-9131,
Paroisse La Toussaint 1519 Bellevue Ave., Sudbury 524-3322, (F)524-3763,
Paroisse Notre-Dame De La Merci 42 Edward St., Coniston 694-4063, (F)694-1010,
Paroisse Notre Dame du Rosaire 2758 Main St., Blezzard Valley 897-4045, (F)897-4480,
Paroisse St. Augustin Father Albert Garson 566-1204, (F)693-7837,
Paroisse St. Dominique 1241 Diane St., Sudbury 566-1204, (F)566-7536,
Paroisse St. Etienne Martyr Dowling 966-3762, (F)966-0820,
Paroisse St. Jacques 46 Cote Blvd., Hanmer 969-2324, (F)969-4709,
Paroisse St. Jean de Brefeuf 26 Kathleen St., Sudbury 675-1343, (F)675-1348,
Paroisse St. Joseph 3594 Errington Ave., Chelmsford 855-4575, (F)855-8037,
Paroisse St. Marc Markstay 853-4553, (F)853-0464,
Paroisse St. Mathieu Father Andra Tremblay Mass: Saturday 7pm, Sunday 10am (French & English alternate every 4 months) 1608 Pioneer Rd., Sudbury 522-2238, (F)522-6169,
Paroisse Ste-Agnes Mass: Saturday 7pm, Sunday 10am (French) 15 Ste-Agnes St., Azilda 983-4392, (F)983-0310,
Paroisse Ste Anne Des Pins Mass: Saturday 4pm, Sunday 9am & 11am 14 Beech St., Sudbury 674-1947,
Paroisse Ste Marguerite d'Youville 4290 Regional Road 80, Hanmer 969-9339, (F)969-0660,
Sveti Marko 675-5758, (F)675-6318,
St. Alexander Church 100 Gaudette, Chelmsford, ON 855-2525, (F)855-8706,
St. Andrew the Apostle Church Rev. Samuel L. D'Angelo, C.PP.S. Mass: Saturday - 4:30 pm Sunday 9am & 11am (July & August 10 am) 1250 Barrydowne Rd., Sudbury, 566-1876, (F)566-3852,
St. Anthony's Church Mass: Saturday 4:30pm, Sunday 11am 19 Mary St., Sudbury, ON 674-2259, (F)674-2260,
St. Bartholomew's Catholic Church Mass: Saturday 7pm, Sunday 9:45am 30 Church St., Levack, ON 966-3762, (F)966-0820,
St. Bernardine Fr. Jim Ketzler Mass: Sunday 9:00 a.m
St. Casimir Catholic Church Mass: Weekdays:9:00am (Polish), Sunday 9:30am (Polish), 12:15pm (English) 210 Paris St., Sudbury 674-9404, (F)674-3475,;
St. Christopher Catholic Church Patrick O'Kenyi Mass: Sunday 9:30am Whitefish 692-3138
St. John the Evangelist Fr. Jim Ketzler Mass: Sat. 4:30pm, Sun. 10:30am 255 Church St., Garson P3L 1S5 693-2032, (F)693-9725, website: email:
ST-Ignatius Chapel, University of Sudbury; La Capelle Ignace de Loyola, Université de Sudbury Pastor Ronald Perron s.j. Mass 11 :00 a.m. Sunday; Messe à 11h le dimanche Sudbury 522-2854, (F)522-5402,
St. Kevin's Parish Fr. Michael Williams Mass: Saturday 5pm. Sunday 9:30 am. 4610 St. Therese Street, Val Therese P3P 1S5 969-3663, (F)969-3262, and the web:
St. Patrick's Catholic Church Pastor-Parish Priest - James Hutton Deacon- Denis O'Donnell Secretary/Office Manager - Michelle Bedard Director of Music - Brenda Cavallin Children Religious Education/ School Liason- Loretta Di Gioseffo Parish Nurse - Zenaida Odense Custodian - Dennis Ongaro Other Staff - see web site Sunday Service Times: Sat. 4:30 p.m. and Sun 10 a.m. 39 Walford Road, Sudbury P3E 2H2 705-522-3900 (Church Office), 705-522-9346 (Home of Pastor), Church e- mail:; Church web site:; Pastor's e mail:;
St. Paul the Apostle Parish Mass: Tuesday - Friday 9:30am, Saturday 4:30pm, Sunday 10am 38 Cedar St., Coniston P0M 1M0 694-5529, (F)694-0981,
St. Pius X Fr. Patrick Okenyi Mass: Sat. 4:30pm & Sun. 11am 45 A Street, Lively P0M 2E0 692-3138, (F)692-1268,
St. Stanislaus Catholic Church Fr. Patrick Okenyi Mass: 2nd Monday of month 7pm, tuesday - Friday 9am, Saturday 4:30pm, Sunday 10am 78 Balsam St., Copper Cliff P0M 1N0 682-4683, (F)682-2646, ,
Abundant Life Healing Centre Pastor Klaus Saari Services: Sunday 10am & 6pm, Wednesday 6:30pm P.O. Box 2632 St. A, 360 Perreault St., Sudbury P3B 2M7 671-9757 (F)675-2689 Klaus & Nicole Saari
Church of the Way Pastor Jack Dominique Sunday Service 2pm 468 Antwerp St., Sudbury P3C 4N1 665-3481, (F)674-8887,
Grace Family Church Pastor Bob Deppisch Sunday Services: 10am English 426 Burton Ave, Sudbury 673-1512, (F)673-2371,,
Elgin Street Mission Pastor/Director Rene Soulliere Sunday Church Service 3:00 - 4:30pm 344 Elgin Street, Sudbury P3E 3N9 673-2163, (F)673-0560,,
Restoration Church Pastor Jeff Edwards Sunday Services: 10am & 6:30pm; Prayer Tues. at 6:30 pm and Bible Study at 7:00 pm 1621 Valleyview Rd., Val Caron P3N 1K7 705-588-7600, ,
New Life Christian Centre Pastor Sue Craig Rev Bradley Hale Sunday Services; 10am 4032 Regional Rd. 35, Chelmsford P3C 3W2 Tel: 705-805-1277, (F)983-9296,, and
Redeemer Christian Fellowship Pastor Patricia Hughes P.O. Box 731, Stn. B, Sudbury P3C 4R6 855-0878,
Sudbury Community Church Pastor Gerry Morin Services: Sunday 10am & 6:30pm 788B LaSalle Blvd., Montrose Mall, Sudbury P3A 4V4 524-3579, (F)524-3579,
Sudbury First Nations Church Pastor/Missionary Stuart Swartzentruber, Associate Pastor Mervin Cheechoo 73 Third Avenue, Sudbury P3B 3P7 705-560-8086,
Sudbury Victory Centre Pastors Denis & Sylvanne Boudreau French Service Sunday 10:30am, English Service 6pm, occassionally services are combined so call first or check the website Canadian Hearing Society building, 1233 Paris St. Sudbury, P3E 3B6 626-1324,,,,
The Lighthouse Elder Ruby Kurt Espanola, ON 855-5237, (F)855-1766,
Trinity Revival Centre Pastor Owen Peters 1778 Coldstream Place, Sudbury P3A 5S6 566-1219
Bancroft Drive Community Church Pastor Duncan MacRae Sunday Service 10:30am 1422 Bancroft Drive, Sudbury P3B 1R5 705-566-5599; website:; email:;
Church of Christ Pastor Sunday: Bible Study 10am, Worship Service 11am &6pm 2663 Bancroft Drive, Sudbury P3B 1T7 560-3964,
Open Doors Christian Church Pastor Ted Horsburgh Sunday Service 10am 10 Mary Ave., Naughton P0M 2M0 692-0513 email:
Gospel Hall 215 Alder St., Sudbury P3C 4J3 674-6083
Saints Peter & Paul Serbian Orthodox Church Rev. John (Jovan) Marjanac Sunday Service 10:00am Feast Days Service 10:00 a.m. 523 Antwerp Ave., Sudbury P3C 4M9 705 507 4802 email
St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church 486 Ester St., Sudbury P3E 5C4 522-5181
St. Volododymyr's Ukranian Orthodox Church District Priest: Rev. Mikolaj Sidorski Monthly Services: Contact Teras Martyn for information at 688-0314 190 Baker St., Sudbury P3C 2G1 673-2403
Redeemer Lutheran Church Pastor David Smilek Sunday Service 11am Box 2188 Station A, 1199 Lansing Ave., Sudbury P3A 4C4 566-0853,
St. Matthew's Evangelical Lutheran Church - New Name- New Hope Pastor Charles Nolting Sunday Services: English 9:15am 264 Mackenzie St., Sudbury P3C 4Y6 673-2933,
St. Timothy's Lutheran Church - New Name- New Hope Pastor Charles Nolting Finnish Sunday Service 10:00am 12 Collins Dr., Copper Cliff P0M 1N0 682-2511,
Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church Rev. Glenda Morrissette Sunday Service 10am with Sunday School 189 Regent St. South, Sudbury P3C 4C4 674-4834,,; and
Wanup Lutheran Chapel Heino Pennanen (Lay Reader) Wanup, ON 522-5067,
Waters Mennonite Church (Pastor) Celeste Wright Sunday School for all ages 9:45am, Sunday Service 10:45am 540 Regional Road 55, Lively P3Y 1C4 705-692-7655 on Facebook and at email:
Tree of Life/Arbre de Vie Mennonite Church Phil & Sharon Lichty Sunday Service 10am 6494 Hwy 64, Monetville P0M 2K0 898-1554,
Valleyview Community Church Pastor Jason Tripp Sunday Service 10:00am 2891 Martin Road, Blezard Valley, P0M 1E0 897-6200, (F)897-2757,,
Sudbury Chinese Missionary Church Pastor Steven Chen 2100 Regent St., Sudbury P3E 4S9 522-7694,
Chinese Evangelical Missionary Church Pastor Andy Wang 5 MacLachlan St., Sudbury P3C 3V5 705-918-1615
The Gospel LIghthouse Pastor Dave Brown Sunday Services 10am and 6 pm 2080 LaSalle Blvd., Sudbury P3A 5P5 674-0346 Alternate phone number: 705 822 4707 Website:
PENTECOSTAL - (PAOC) Western Ontario District of the PAOC 1101 Regent St. South, Sudbury P3E 5P8 522-0529
Cornerstone Community Church Rev. Mike Gordon, Junior High & Youth Pastor Abbey Davidson Sunday Service 10am, Junior Youth Thursday 7pm, Senior Youth Friday 7pm 225 - 6th Ave., P.O. Box 521, Lively P3Y 1M5 705-692-1658, (F)705-692-1658,,,
Glad Tidings Church Pastor Todd Manuel- Lead Pastor Pastor Sherri Glass- Kids Ministry Pastor Scott Manuel- Worship, Media & Young Adults Pastor Fraz Mirza- Mission & Discipleship Pastor Kevin Parks- Pastoral Care Pastor Steph Webster- Student Ministry Sunday Services: 10am-11:15am, 6pm-7:15pm Christian Education: 11:30am-12:15pm Nursery & Kids Ministry: 10am-12:15pm Children are dismissed during service 1101 Regent St S, Sudbury, ON P3E 5P8 Tel: 705-522-4523 ; Email: All the staff use their first name for email
New Sudbury Pentecostal Lead Pastor Chris Walker; Associate Pastor of Youth, Community Outreach & Worship Corey Parish; Children's Pastor Christina Blackwell Sunday Service 10:30am with Sunday School & Nursery; Wednesday Prayer Time 7-8pm; Jr. High Thursday 7pm; Youth Friday 7pm 264 Levesque Street, P3B 3T4 566-9447, (F) 566-9458,,
Finish Pentecostal Church Siion Pastor Veikko Aro-Panula Sunday Service 10am, Bible Study Thurs. 7pm, Radio Program Sat. 8:30am @ 95.5FM & Sun. 8:30am @ 98.9FM ALL IN FINNISH 1843 Paris St., Sudbury P3E 3C5 522-2164, (F)522-4879
Siion Church Pastor Markus Rukkila and Pastor Sam Tuokkola Sunday Service 12:00pm 1843 Paris Street, Sudbury, P3E 3C5 705-920-9819,
Valley Pentecostal Church Pastor Steve Gudrie, Youth Pastor Curtis Gudrie Sunday Service 10am & 6pm 231 Martha St., Hanmer P3P 1G4 969-7940, (F)969-4221,,
Calvin Presbyterian Church Pastor Dan Reeves Sunday Service 10am 1114 Auger St., Sudbury, P3A 4B2 566-0652 email: and URL:
Knox Presbyterian Church 73 Larch St., Sudbury, P3E 1B8 675-8891, (F)675-7678
The Salvation Army Corporal Officer Shari Russell Sunday Service 11am 107 Lorne St., Sudbury, P3C 4P3 P.O. Box 847, Stn B, Sudbury, Ontario P3E 4S1 675-2850, (F)673-0603
Seventh-Day Adventist Church Pastor Jake Janovic 835 Churchill Ave., Sudbury, P3A 4A2 566-6150
All People's United Church Jan Carrie Steven (Lay Leader) Sunday Service 10am with Nursery/Sunday School at 10:30am 400 Antwerp Ave., Sudbury, P3C 4M7 692-0513 email:;
Copper Cliff United Church Reverend James Clark Sunday Service 10:30am 26 Park St., Copper Cliff, P0M 1N0 682-1127
Larchwood Memorial United Church Reverend Cathy Taylor Sunday Service 9:30am with Sunday School 15 Douglas Cr., Dowling, P0M 1R0 855-3937
St. Andrew's United Church Reverend Catherine Somerville, Reverend Dr. Bill Steadman Sunday Service 10am with Nursery & Children's Program at 10:30 & Children and Youth Programs at 10:40am 111 Larch St., Sudbury, P3E 4T5 674-0721, (F)222-5303
St. James In The Valley United Church Sunday Service 10:30am 4510 Tate Blvd., Val Therese P3P 1S8 969-5315
St. John's United Church Reverend Cathy Taylor Sunday Service 11am with Sunday School Third St. North, Levack, P0M 2C0 966-3823
St. Luke's United Church Reverend Erin Todd Sunday Service 9:30am 1520 Bancroft Dr., Sudbury, P3B 1R5 566-8836,
St. Mark's United Church Sunday Service 10:30am with Sunday School 45 Walford Rd., Sudbury, P3E 2H2 522-3454, (F)522-6729
St. Peter's United Church Reverend Dawn Vaneyk Sunday Service 10:30am, Nursery & Sunday School 203 York St., Sudbury, P3E 2A2 675-2171, (F)675-7906,,
St. Stephens On The Hill United Church Rev. Stewart Walker Sunday Service 10:45 a.m 1248 Lauzon Ave., Sudbury P3A 3E1 566-2933, (F)566-9352,; and our e-mail address to
St. Stephens United Church 136 Charlotte Ave., Chelmsford, P0M 1L0 855-5225
Trinity United Church Reverend Dave LeGrand Sunday Service 10:30am with Sunday School 72 Young St., Capreol, P0H 1H0 858-2591,, Food Bank: Charlotte Cameron
Trinity United Church Reverend Erin Todd Sunday Service 9:30am with Sunday School 174 Church St., Garson P3L 1V7 566-8836,
Trintiy United Church Rev. Kathy Dahmer Sunday Service 10:30am with Sunday School Sixth Ave., Lively, P3Y 1M3 692-4683, (F)692-4683